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News for November 2002

The First episode of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ released today!
Smoke-Free Snoop Blows Up Smoke Out

MTV Plans Snoop Dogg Variety Show
Snoop role in film as 'Huggy Bear' in negotiation
Snoop helps football team to play-offs
Snoop Interview
Official Snoop Dogg Site Open
More tour dates
Snoop to perform at Billboard awards
Snoop the next president of the USA? 
Some Snoop Touring Dates

27th November 2002 1. The First episode of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
Full article: Snoop Dogg's Old Tricks , Natalie Hopkinson, Washington Post, Nov 27 2002

snoop257.jpg (36569 bytes)Snoop's new show is a collection of humorous skits, music performances and man-on-the-street bits featuring Snoop. It airs weekly Monday 10.30p.m on MTV

In the first episode, skits included Snoop:
1. Working undercover at an Arby's drive-through, pouring one unsuspecting customer gin-and-juice
2. Wearing gold chains and a powder blue velour jogging suit, bragging about getting kicked off the Muppets Christmas special before it even aired. 
3. Rapping a few nursery rhymes -- "Old MacDonald" became "Old Mack Daddy," and "This Old Man" became "This Old Pimp."
4. Going into a real school and plays the character Mr. Dizzle, a teacher who wears a gray suit and tie, bulky wire-rim glasses and an Afro. First lesson. "Do drugs."... "Do drugs!" the kids in the classroom, who looked about 8 years old, obediently recited.

Story time. Mr. Dizzle reads a classic in the pimp noir genre, "Trick Baby" by Iceberg Slim, one installment of a series of novels published by former Chicago pimp Robert Beck in the 1970s. Mr. Dizzle reads aloud the part of the novel where the pimp threatens to put a woman's "fast little butt into a sling."

"What do you think happens next?" Dr. Dizzle quizzes the students.
"He's going to kill her?" a student offers.
The class roars with laughter...

The pilot episode drew 1.7 million viewers, respectable for MTV. MTV execs say they hope "Televizzle" can be made into a regular series, which would cement Snoop's journey on the now well-worn path from gangsta to screen star. 

"Snoop is a giant star for our audience," said Michele Dix, MTV's vice president for music and talent programming. "Everything he does reverberates throughout pop culture, and he's a likable character on camera."

Dix points to the scene in which Snoop, playing the fur-clad Cap'n Pimp, sucks down a 40-ounce malt liquor, then rushes to the aid of a woman being robbed. Using his special pimp powers, Snoop's hand extends la Inspector Gadget, and he cold-slaps the male assailant.

"Snoop is probably the only artist who could bring that to our channel," Dix said. "It has an edge, but it won't offend."

"He's an artist who has always worked for our channel."

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Source: Snoop Dogg Explains Slang In New Song, 26th Nov 2002, Billy Johnson Jr,

You may be wondering after the release of the single From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace, what does 'chuuuch' really mean?

Snoop said the term "chuuuch" was presented to him by his colleague and renowned pimp, the Archbishop Don Magic Juan. "It's simply stating that we keep God in everything we do, and we try to be more positive than negative,". "By us saying chuuuch, it's a positive greeting. And it just brings joy to our heart and soul."

Snoop has been so taken by the term, that he uses it as the name of his recording studio. "You got to have our spirit right here first of all when you making these records," Snoop said. "You got to have your mind on the spirit on right so people can feel what you saying."

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26th November 2002 1. Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ released today!
boss.jpg (16060 bytes)Today is the general date for the release of Snoop's 6th album in the USA and England (I think). Well if you havent already don't forget to buy your copy! ($18.98 clean, $15.49 explicit)

"Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$" to be released in Australia Friday 29th Nov


2.Smoke-Free Snoop Blows Up Smoke Out
Snoop Dogg ignored the persistent audience chant of "Hit the bong!" for a large portion of his set at the Smoke Out festival on Saturday before he finally made the mistake of asking, "What bong?"

Despite the day's marijuana-centered theme, Snoop left the stage without inhaling.

Backstage, Snoop said that it was a "personal invite" from B-Real that brought him to the fifth Cypress Hill Smoke Out, held for the first time at the Los Angeles Coliseum. "Me and him go way back," Snoop explained. "He played on my new record, he played the congas on it. We family like that. This is an annual event for him. I'm local. I'm in the 'hood. So it's a good thing, I appreciate [the invitation]."

Snoop Dogg arrived via armored vehicle well after 1:00 a.m. With Warren G, a skull-masked homey, security guards and several other hangers-on all dressed in some shade of blue, Snoop hit the stage with "Murder Was the Case," then dipped liberally into his Death Row, No Limit and Doggy Style Records catalog. The estimated 20,000-strong audience rapped along to nearly every word until the bong came out. Then Snoop, wearing a wide smile, left the stage.

Check out the full article about the other artists at the Smoke Out festival:
Smoke Free Snoop Blows Up Smoke Out; Bone Thugs, Slash Drop In, MTV News, 25th Nov 2002

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22nd November 2002 MTV Plans Snoop Dogg Variety Show
MTV is unleashing Snoop Dogg to star in his own variety show. The pilot for the rapper's half-hour program, ``Doggy Fizzle Televizzle,'' is scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. EST Monday.

Snoop will mix sketch comedy with music and man-on-the-street bits. 

Source: MTV Plans Snoop Dogg Variety Show,, from AP Online

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21st November 2002 Snoop role in film as 'Huggy Bear' in negotiation
After months of speculation it is confirmed that Snoop is in negotiations to play the Role of 'Huggy Bear' in Warner Bros big screen version of the 70's TV show Starsky & Hutch. Main stars Ben Stiller plays Starsky and Owen Wilson plays Hutch.

The offer to the Snoop Dogg was expected since Stiller has been saying for months that that he wanted the Huggy Bear role to go to the singer. Huggy Bear is a jive-talking hustler who gives the two cops vital information in order to crack their cases, as well as providing much comic relief. Huggy Bear was played by Antonio Fargas on the original TV series.

Snoop is also set to star in Lady T. and Mojo Slim described as "Robin Hood meets an urban Bonnie and Clyde".

Source: Snoop Dogg Offered Role of Huggy Bear in 'Starsky & Hutch' , 20th Nov 2002

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20th November 2002 Snoop helps football team to play-offs
The new offensive coach of the Chino Hills Bulldogs ("The Dawgs"), has helped the team reach the play-offs. Snoop has taken them in style by purchasing a custom-made 50-seat bus in which the 8- and 9-year-old team members can cruise to Junior All-American Football league games.

The team plays Sunday in the league's Super Bowl at Elsinore High School. His son is also in the team.

"It's no fake thing. It's about love and about the kids.. I didn't start off wanting to coach,' Snoop said. "I was just supporting my son and the team. I saw an opportunity to volunteer and help when they didn't have a coach.'

"He hasn't missed a practice. He's here every day. Apparently (one time) he did Jay Leno and then got back in time for practice,' said Michele Schell, a team mum.

"I'm here cause I love being around these kids. I know what I've taught them and they're going to run wild with it,' he said. Snoop said he has been busy preparing the team for the playoffs, their toughest challenge yet.

"We've been practicing extra hard. Going over fundamentals. We got some things people are expecting, some things they aren't expecting. We're gonna throw it all at them,' said the coach, beaming with pride about his team's seven wins against only one loss this season. Under his arm Snoop carried a secret playbook with new offensive plays he had just developed. He also prepared a hip- hop tape to get the team energized before games.

"It's some music from my world,' he said, then quickly added, "I made it rated PG. I cleaned it up.' The track is called "Get Out of the Way' by fellow rapper Ludacris and has become the team song.

Snoop's groove seems to be infectious. At a recent practice, several of his players spontaneously began dancing on the sidelines.

Check out the full article:
Rapper delights in coaching Joseph Tsidulko, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Nov 19 2002

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11th November 2002 1. Snoop Interview 
Snoop has given an interview with

In part one, Snoop talks about his upcoming album, old death row artists who signed up to his label, his clothing line, and what's doing with the 'Snoop Deville' concept car.
Check out Part 1 here

In part two, he talks about Pimp Slapped (and sings it too!), Suge Knight, and of course about Pac's death related with Suge, (R.I.P)... then there's a final message from Snoop about Suge.
Check out Part 2 here

2. Official Snoop Dogg Site Open
The official site for Snoop Dogg, promoting the upcoming album Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss is now open and you can check it out at . Flash plug-in is required. 

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10th November 2002 More tour dates
Here are some more tour dates after the release of Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss. Other artists are set to perform, likely the Dogghouse crew and family, Soopafly, Latoiya, E-White, Daz etc

Dec 01 - Columbus, IL - Promowest Pavilion
Dec 02 - Louisville, KY - MTV $2 Bill Show
Dec 03 - Cedar Rapids, IA - U.S. Cellular Center
Dec 04 - Duluth, MN - Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center
Dec 05 - Minneapolis, MN - Xcel Energy Center
Dec 06 - Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
Dec 07 - Bozeman, MT - Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
Dec 08 - Spokane, WA - Convention Center
Dec 10 - Saskatoon, Canada - Saskatchewan Place
Dec 11 - Edmonton, Canada - Nashville Electric Roadhouse
Dec 12 - Calgary, Canada - MacEwan Hall Ballroom
Dec 14 - Kamloops, Canada - Sport Mart Place
Dec 15 - Vancouver, Canada - Commodore Ballroom


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7th November 2002 1. Snoop to perform at Billboard awards
Snoop is to perform on the 13th Billboard awards, with Avril Lavigne leading the line up. The awards are to be held live Dec 9th on Fox from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in LA. No other details are known concerning Snoop's appearance

Source: Avril, Creed, Nelly To Play 2002 Billboard Awards, 5th Nov 2002, accessed 7th Nov 2002

2. Snoop the next president of the USA? 
Check out this university article having fun at what it would be like if Snoop ran the USA. Click here to have a read =]

Souce: Snoop in Da House, Dave Davila, 7th Nov 2002, accessed 7th Nov 2002

3. Some Snoop Touring Dates
These dates and locations apply to the USA only: (from

Click on more info or Find Tickets  to check out prices or more information

Sun, 12/01/02
7:00 pm
Promowest Pavilion
Columbus, OH
More Info
on sale 11/09/2002 10:00 am
Tue, 12/03/02
8:00 pm
U.S. Cellular Center
Cedar Rapids, IA
Find Tickets
on sale now
Wed, 12/04/02
8:00 pm
DECC Arena
Duluth, MN
Find Tickets
on sale now
Thu, 12/05/02
7:00 pm
Xcel Energy Center At Rivercentre
St Paul, MN
Find Tickets
on sale now
Friday Rushmore Plaza More Info

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